Frequently asked questions

A list of most asked questions by Cookie-Script users

Do you offer cookie categorization?

Yes, you can assign cookies to categories. Cookie-Script can scan your website and group cookies by categories using our database of cookies. You can then adjust categories or add your own cookies with descriptions and categories. All this is optional, you can still display cookie banners without categories.

My website is available in multiple languages, do you support that?

Yes, you can set up translations for your cookie consent popup. Language is detected automatically and proper translation is applied. Translations can be set up in the "Translation" tab when editing your cookie banner. See detailed explanation here.

Do you have an option to record visitor consents?

Yes, you can record and download all user consents. This is optional and is part of paid membership. More information about it here.

I bought paid subscription, but it still says I have free subscription.

You might need to re-login to activate all premium features. Depending on the payment processor, it could also be that it will take some time to receive the payment, just contact us and we will activate it right away.

Cookies are not blocked!

Make sure you refresh cookie information in developer tools after the page is loaded. If you still see some third-party cookies, make sure you edit third-party code as described here.

Can I keep strictly necessary cookies?

Yes, you can. You can either assign those cookies to strictly necessary cookies or use a special field where you can list those cookies in a special format. See our detailed explanation here.

How "Disagree" button works?

In short - if the user clicks "I disagree", his choice is remembered using a strictly necessary anonymous cookie. During every next page visit, all other cookies are cleared.

Read more button does not work

Check your Cookie policy URL setting of the proper Cookie-Script item.

How do I block third party cookies?

See our detailed explanation here.

How do I delete my account?

Sorry to hear you go. Please let us know if there is something you want us to change and we will check how to improve our services.

You can delete your account on your Account Details page.

Pop-up is not showing up

Here are the 3 most common reasons for popup not showing up: 

  1. Can you see Cookie-Script in the source of your webpage? If no - it was not added properly.
  2. Try to clear cookies, it is possible you already clicked the "Agree" button and now the popup is not showing up.
  3. Do you have any JavaScript errors? This can be checked by right-clicking > Inspect element > Console tab. JavaScript errors can prevent other JavaScript files from running.

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.